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New Class 8 Telugu Text Book Review | Lesson-6 | Payanam | పయనం


New Class 8 Telugu Text Book  Review  | Lesson-6  | Payanam  | పయనం

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New Class 8 Telugu Text Book  Review |  Lesson-5  | Sandesam  | సందేశం

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In this video, we'll be discussing Lesson-4 "Naa Yaatra" from the New Class 8 Telugu Text Book. This lesson is all about the personal journey of the author and the experiences he had while traveling.

We'll start by giving an overview of the lesson and the author's background. Then we'll delve into the text itself, discussing the author's observations and reflections on his journey. We'll also explore the use of figurative language in the text and how it enhances the author's descriptions.

As we go through the lesson, we'll provide explanations and translations of any difficult vocabulary or expressions. We'll also provide some tips on how to improve your Telugu language skills based on what we've learned in this lesson.

Whether you're a student studying Telugu or simply interested in learning more about the language and culture, this video is a great resource. So, join us as we explore Lesson-4 "Naa Yaatra" from the New Class 8 Telugu Text Book.

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