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4th Class E.V.S Lesson Plan | AP New Class 4 Lesson Plans


4th Class E.V.S Lesson Plan

This 4th Class E.V.S Lesson Plan is designed to help teachers deliver a comprehensive and engaging lesson plan for students. It covers topics such as ecology, environment, sustainability, flora and fauna and more. The lesson plan also provides activities for students to practice their understanding of the different topics covered in the lesson plan. This lesson plan will help teachers create a fun and interactive learning experience for their students while teaching them important concepts about the environment around them.

4th Class E.V.S Lesson Plan  | AP New Class 4 Lesson Plans

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1. Family

2. Green World

3. Animals Around Us

4. Sense Organs



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This 4th Class E.V.S Lesson Plan is designed to provide teachers with a comprehensive guide to teaching the subject of Environmental Science (E.V.S). It covers topics from the basics of ecology and conservation, to more advanced concepts such as climate change and renewable energy sources. The lesson plan includes activities, discussions, and assessments that will help students gain a deeper understanding of the environment around them and how they can make a difference in their local community.


A 4th Class E.V.S Lesson Plan is an important tool for teachers to ensure their students are learning the necessary material in an effective and engaging way. It helps teachers plan lessons that are tailored to their students' needs, interests, and abilities, as well as helping them create a learning environment that is both stimulating and challenging. In this lesson plan, we will discuss the various components of a 4th Class E.V.S Lesson Plan and how it can be used to create an effective learning experience for your students.