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AP POLYCET 2022 Live Quiz- 8 | | Polycet Chemistry | Clasification Of Elements

AP POLYCET 2022 Live Quiz- 8 | | Polycet Chemistry | Clasification Of Elements

AP POLYCET 2022 Live Quiz-4 |  | Polycet Chemistry | Atomic Structure

                       What is POLYCET? POLYCET is a Polytechnic common entrance test conducted by State Board of Technical Education and Training, Amaravati for admission into Diploma level programs conducted in Government, Aided, Private, Un-aided Polytechnics and Second Shift polytechnics run in existing Private un-aided Engineering Colleges.
 1.1 Every candidate desirous of seeking admission into the Engineering/Non - Engineering Diploma course can apply online for POLYCET-2022. No separate application form for admission is prescribed. The filled-in application for POLYCET-2022 itself is an application for admission. 

. 1.2 For admission into the Diploma Courses like Hotel Management and Catering Technology, D. Pharmacy, the entry qualification is 10 + 2 or 12th Standard. These candidates need not appear for POLYCET-2022 for admission into the said courses. A separate notification will be issued for admission to the said Diploma Courses

The electric potential difference between points in an electric circuit is the work done to move a positive unit charge from one point to another. 
Electric current is expressed as the amount of charge flowing through a particular crosssection 0area in unit time. 
Amulti-meteris an electronicmeasuringinstrument that combinesseveralmeasuring functions (electric potential difference, electric current and electric resistance)in one unit..

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