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AP EAMCET Maths Syllabus 2021

 AP EAMCET i_s an abbreviation for Andhra Prade_sh Engineering, Agriculture, and Medical Te_st. Every year, lakh_s of a_spirant_s appear in thi_s te_st for enrolling in the Undergraduate Engineering/Agriculture/Medical cour_se in the top-ranked _state college. If you are intere_sted in preparing for thi_s pre_stigiou_s exam under our guidance, you are alway_s welcome to our _studying program.

Preparing for any exam require_s a thorough _study of the late_st _syllabu_s; therefore, for your convenience, we have uploaded the late_st _syllabu_s on our web_site. Before _starting with the di_scu_s_sion on the _syllabu_s, let u_s _see the exam pattern and marking _scheme of the upcoming exam.

AP EAMCET Exam Pattern and Marking _Scheme 2021

_Subject’_s Name

Number of


Mark_s Allotted

Total Time




3 Hour_s







Total Mark_s





Mode of Entrance exam

Computer Ba_sed Te_st

Duration of the te_st

3 hour_s

Language of the Exam

Engli_sh and Telugu

Candidate_s cho_se to appear in Urdu

need to attempt the exam at the Kurnool

center only.

Type_s of Que_stion_s

Objective type que_stion_s  (MCQ_s)

Number of Que_stion_s in Total


Mark_s awarded for each correct re_spon_se

+1 will be awarded for every correct


Negative marking for incorrect/multiple re_spon_se_s

No negative marking for incorrect or

multiple re_spon_se_s again_st any que_stion


Now, let u_s look at the late_st Mathematic_s _Syllabu_s.


AP EAMCET 2021 Mathematic_s _Syllabu_s




·         Function_s 

·         Mathematical Induction

·         Matrice_s

·         Complex Number_s

·         De Moivre’_s Theorem

·         Quadratic Expre_s_sion_s 

·         Theory of Equation_s

·         Permutation_s and Combination_s 

·         Binomial Theorem

·         Partial Fraction_s

·         _Solution of _simultaneou_s linear equation_s


·         Trigonometric Ratio_s 

·         Trigonometric Equation_s

·         Periodicity of Trigonometric function_s  & graph_s

·         Inver_se Trigonometric Function_s

·         Hyperbolic Function_s

·         Propertie_s of Triangle_s


Vector Algebra

·         Addition of Vector_s

·         Geometrical vector method_s

·         Linear combination of vector_s

·         Product of vector_s

·         Geometrical Interpretation_s

·         Vector_s Cla_s_sification 

·         Orthogonal projection_s

·         _Scalar Triple Product - Vector equation_s of a plane in varying form_s

·         _Skew line_s

·         _Shorte_st di_stance and their carte_sian equivalent_s


Mea_sure_s of Di_sper_sion 

·         Mea_sure_s of Di_sper_sion

·         Range

·         Analy_si_s of Frequency and mean deviation di_stribution with equal mean_s and different variance_s

·         Coefficient of Variation



·         Probability

·         Independent and dependent event_s conditional probability

·         Cla_s_sical definition of probability

·         Probability Di_stribution and Random Variable_s

·         Bayer’_s Theorem


Coordinate Geometry

·         Locu_s

·         Tran_sformation of Axe_s

·         The _Straight Line, Pair of _Straight line_s

·          Circle

·          _Sy_stem of Circle_s

·          Parabola

·          Ellip_se

·          Hyperbola

·         Direction Co_sine_s  & Direction Ratio_s

·          Plane



(The mo_st _scoring _section)

·         Limit_s and Continuity

·         Differentiation

·         Application_s of Derivative_s

·         Integration 

·         Definite Integral 

·         Differential equation_s


Download the Late_st AP EAMCET 2021 Detailed _Syllabu_s Free PDF

Download free AP EAMCET Math_s _Syllabu_s 2021. Thi_s will aid you in quickly preparing well for the examination. We have provided a detailed explanation of each que_stion in AP EAMCET Math_s _Syllabu_s 2021. You may download the_se material_s for free in PDF format, which are ea_sily acce_s_sible. We hope the _solution_s provided for the AP EAMCET Math_s _Syllabu_s 2021 will help you in your preparation.


Expected AP EAMCET 2021 Mathematic_s Chapter Wi_se Weightage

The weightage for the upcoming exam ha_s not been yet decided but _soon it will be relea_sed after the exam. However, candidate_s can go through the previou_s year_s’ weightage to get the cognizance of the topic_s to be prepared for the upcoming exam_s.

Chapter’_s Name

Weightage for Each Topic







Integral Calculu_s


Differential Calculu_s



Preparation Tip_s for _Scoring High in the Mathematic_s AP EAMCET Exam 2021

·         A _subject like Mathematic_s demand_s practice, which mean_s the more you practice math_s, the more you will be able to complete a _sum within a _stipulated time frame.

·         Divide your _studying _se_s_sion_s for tirele_s_s and fluent preparation.

·         Go through the previou_s year_s’ AP EAMCET que_stion paper_s and identify the common que_stion a_sked repeatedly in the pa_st many year_s.

·         Identify and _set your preparation _strategy from high-to-low weightage topic_s but don’t leave any topic.

·         Many que_stion_s have appeared from the following topic_s:

1.     Calculu_s

2.     Algebra

3.     Coordinate geometry

4.     Analytical Geometry

5.     Probability

6.     Vector_s

7.     Trigonometry

Other important chapter_s are a_s follow_s:

1.     Cube root entity

2.     Modulu_s

3.     Complex number_s

4.     Locu_s, and 

5.     Maxima & Minima value_s