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Class 5 Telugu Lesson Plans 5th Class తెలుగు Lesson Plan


Class 5 Telugu Lesson Plans 5th Class తెలుగు Lesson Plan 

Teaching Class 5 students Telugu can be challenging, especially when you’re creating effective lesson plans. To help teachers like you effectively develop engaging and interactive Telugu lessons, this article provides essential steps and core tips for crafting dynamic lesson plans.

5th Class తెలుగు Lesson Plan

1.ఏ దేశ మేగినా... July

2 . సాయం    July

3. కొండ వాగు    August

4. జయగీతం September 



5. తోలు బొమ్మలాట - ఒక జానపద కళ October

6.పెన్నేటి పాట November

7. పద్య రత్నాలు DECEMBER

8 ఇటిజ్ఞ పండుగ JANUARY

9. తరిగొండ వే౦గమాంబ FEBRUARY


Plan a Progression of Skills, Ideas and Concepts.

 When creating your lesson plan, it’s important to consider the progression of skills, ideas and concepts that will be introduced. This should take place in a logical and systematic way that enables students to build upon foundational knowledge. Also, make sure your plans incorporate a variety of activities (e.g., class discussion, writing exercises, and oral presentations) designed to strengthen student comprehension of the Telugu language.